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Canadian Invasion Part 2

So Canada wins at the US Nationals. No, really. We scored a major victory when one of our very own won Best Painted Army this year at Historicon. Dennis 'MattVarnish' won with his German DAK army and came away with a nice plaque for his efforts. I'm not going to include all my games this year, but will highlight the ones that left the biggest impressions.  Once again this year, some of our crew managed to hook up and play against some of the 'Utah Boys', Mike managed to bring a few more with him this year and I'm pretty sure they'll be back next year. I played Mike in a game last year and got hammered, this year was a little different against Ryan.
Hold the Line Deployment

By turn 5 I had been all but wiped out. His Lee's with the mixed guns and stabilizers made short work of my 88's and Ryan just had too many MG's for me to save against, time after time. It came down to the last turn during the two hour time limit. Ryan had started his turn and I knew I was not going to get a chance to counter. With my CO near the objective, I was really hoping to get wiped off the board. Not getting a turn meant I would not be able to counter to push him back off the objective that he was contesting. I honestly thought he would just kill the last platoon, including the CO and because I had no reserves on the table, it would force me into a Company Morale Check and give Ryan the win. You see, without him controlling until the 'start' of his turn, the defender wins. It came down to a 4-3 win for Ryan, we both did not want to hand the other guy the loss, but he had worked hard to get the objective and I felt he deserved the win. The game was essentially over once time ran out and never got back to me for a turn, though we tried. I won't say it was 'easy' but it was the right thing to do and once again solidified a growing friendship with the 'Utah Boys'. Maybe I'll have better luck against Matt or Nate, even a re-match against Mike!
One of the 'Best Painted' stands in action
Quickest way to lose a Tiger. Fail to counter-assault (roll a 1) Bog down in terrain (roll 1) Widetracks to recover (roll a 2) Lose a tank to the Russians
Stop by again when I will close out my three part series, talk about the future of DiceDevils, a potential podcast and some of the upcoming events we're going to try and make it to this year. I'll have a writeup and unboxing of my new Grex airbrush, a writeup on how I made my new barbed wire stands and more. Thanks as always for stopping by, Canadian Nationals are right around the corner!


  1. Well done guys, great to see a fellow "little brother" country getting one over on their bigger neighbours :-)


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