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Best Care Anywhere

Another night has passed until Historicon! Everyone is ready to get on the road and get to the hotel at a decent time to wind down from a long journey. Maybe you turn on the TV and start going through your list, you could open your case and find that your army has survived bouncing around in the back of a SUV for 11 hours. It's likely you won't encounter any issues and your models will be tournament ready once the dice start flying. Uh oh! You go through your stuff only to find a barrel broken, staff table tipped over or a .50 cal has come off a turret?
Enter your emergency kit! Like the combat medics, nurses (HELLO!) and doctors of WW2, you'll have to make do under pressure, get whatever treatment done with the fewest tools possible.
Simple $2 Tackle Box
Whatever you decide for storage, it should at least carry the minimum amount of paint, tools and glue to perform McGyver type repairs and touch ups. There is no point in over doing it, you can always find a paint color, tape measure or full model in case you forgot a turret on your buddies table after a last minute game before heading on the road. Remember your basic colors from kindergarten, black and white make grey! So if need be, experiment and you'll get a color close to the finish of that turret you replaced.
Storage For Spare Barrels, Stowage, Antennaes, Flock etc...
Small items store better individually in divided areas or tucked away in a small plastic container or plastic sandwich bags. Ensure if you do get a top opening box, it has a lid with decent clips that won't pop open or have any gaps that will allow small bits to come out and get lost.
All Your Brushes, Files, Hand Drill and Hobby Knife Right On Top
You don't need to pack everything off your hobby desk! I don't even care if you leave the house with everything in the bottom of your pack or tucked away in a pocket of your army case. At least make an effort and who knows, you might even be asked by someone "Do you have....." and you can step up and say "Yeah, I brought one of those." Your brushes need to contain one flat, one fine tip, one for inking and one for dry brushing.
Simple Color Selection and Glue!
Let's talk about your paint for a second, you'll have no room for a spray can and likely painting outside in the humid July temperatures would be disastrous. Let's face it, at this point should you be priming models? I hope not. Your kit will likely contain: black, brown, green, yellow, ink of a medium tone and a light color for dry brushing. The yellow is a good one because it mixes well with any other colors to give different tones. It also happens to help if you have a desert or German armor to touch up, or maybe a light tone for hair or shoulder flashes.
Packed and Ready
I decided the baby blue trim was hardly worthy to be packed up for a war gaming convention, so I painted it black and then applied German Armor from the Flames of War line of paints! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or hit me up in an email. I'll likely get one more post in before heading on the road, I hope you take this and run with it. It's not expensive to get together as you own everything already minus the box. Hope to see ya at Historicon!!



  1. Good idea Matt, gonna have to keep all these ideas on hand for each tourney from now on.


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