01 December, 2012

America! Part 1

So, this is the start of a journey. A journey to the World War 2 American experience (kind of). I am embarking on Late War Americans.

I was looking to start an Allied Late War force, and wanted to play something "different". Not nessesarily different from the whole meta of Late War, but different from anything anyone locally is playing. That meant armored cars, or recon.

So, with the new books having tons of cool toys for Americans in late war, I hitched my wagon on to the Cavalry Recon train! I plan to run more than the minimum recon requirements, and really play a fast and brittle list. I am artificially restricting myself to ONE (1) Tank Destroyer platoon, to keep the list fun for my opponents to play against (I also don't see the need for more than one to be effective - unless all you want is 2 turn Alpha Strike games).

So, here is the list I have been toying with out of Devils Charge:

Confident Veteran USA Late-War

Cavalry Recon Troop HQ (2nd Cav)
2 M8 armored car

Combat Platoons
Cavalry Recon Platoon (2nd Cav) - 2 Platoons
2x M8 armored car
2x Mortar Jeep
2x Recon Jeep

Cavalry Recon Platoon (2nd Cav) - 2 Platoons
2x M8 armored car
2x Mortar Jeep
2x Recon Jeep

Weapons Platoons
Light Tank Platoon (2nd Cav)
4 M24 Chaffee

Support Platoons
Tank Destroyer Platoon (Veteran)
1x .50 cal Recon Jeep
2x M20 Scout Car
4x M18 Hellcat GMC
Improvised Tank Armour(4)

Armoured Rifle Platoon (Trained)
Confident Trained

1x Cmd Rifle team
5x Rifle team
2x M3 half-track with .50 cal AA MG
3x M3 half-track with AA MG
1x M2 60mm mortar
2x M1919 LMG team
2x  Bazooka team

Armoured Field Artillery Battery (Veteran)
1x Cmd Carbine team
1x Staff team
1x M4 Sherman OP
3x M7 Priest HMC

Company Points: 1655

This is just a jumping off point. The idea is that I get some "basics" that I can then roll into either a dedicated Armored Rifle Company, or Tank Company later on!

This is what I managed to get assembled last night, while hanging out with Matt Varnish and Diragi:

So the ARP and Hellcats are assembled, and as can be seen, I have the urban bases from BattleFront for all my infantry - it's still undecided if I will make the winter urban bases - we'll see.

So stay tuned, I plan to chronicle all the assembly, painting of the army, and any list changes. You may also see the AARs as I learn the play style as I hope to post them as well.

The Cavalry recon units are in the mail, so expect a post in the coming days when I receive them!




  1. I am interested in your experiences with the Cavalry Recon as I couldn't really get it to gel myself. I do love the recent increase in ARP lists that have been seeing play in my local area.

  2. I hope to share what I learn, do some AAR, and small tactical write ups, even to just keep a reference for future games.

  3. Very cool to see the progress CA$H! Can't wait to see the horde of tiny terrors on the battlefield!


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