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Infinity comes to DDGC!

I started looking for a small scale, sci-fi skirmish game a couple weeks back. Why? I think it comes from the desire to paint something other than 15mm for a change (been working on FoW almost exclusively for over 2 years) along with a vehicle to set up casual game nights, with a game system that can be used to play out campaigns and quick scenarios in 60-90 minutes.

I know, I know, FoW affords us this luxury also with Tank/Infantry Aces. But I am planning a full Market Garden campaign to coincide with the new book releases, and I still wanted to change up my painting. Hence my search.

The first game I tried was MERCS. Diragi was kind enough to play out a couple games using the free quick start rules from their site ( While enjoyable, the "card based movement" felt restrictive to me, and the forces seemed to favor, for lack of a better term, gimmicks. The setting was great, but the models were definitely 1st generation - I wasn't overly impressed with them.

Then I tried Infinity ( Take a minute and go look at their model line.

Ok, now go back and REALLY look at those models. They are 28mm - TRUE SCALE. They are proportioned. They are not "heroic" - or GIANT GOOFY HANDS/HEADS scale.

I was immediately drawn to the Yu Jing. They look amazing. So, without knowing what their play style is, I bought this :

The dynamic poses, along with the diversity of model style made me pick them out. Did I mention the box set was $37.75 at our local FLGS Suffice to say I was stoked when I read on the "Beginners" forum that all the factions can be built out to play in any style. Like heavy armored troops - they have em! Light, fast moving - check. Close Combat focused - Yu Jing have FREAKING NINJAS! Like mechs/bots/drones - they have them in spades also.

The glorious part of this whole thing? Low model count. That's right - low count. Quick games are ~150ts, that's about 5 models. Fully supported international tournament games? 300pts. Roughly 10-12 models, regardless of faction.

This game hit all the criteria I had - before I even tried the rule set. Oh, and I am not sure I can get into a gushing, sappy explanation of how amazing the rules truly are - suffice to say this.....the fact that I can react, on my opponents turn, to any of his moves/actions, means I am always playing - not waiting on your turn, taking hits, to only then react on my own turn. A better example can be seen here :

So I have started painting the models, and I have played a few games, and I am loving it. Several of the guys have picked up starter boxes also, so you may see more posts on their progress also. Expect some pics of my models over the coming days!

Also, check out the DDGC forums for more discussions on Flames of War, and now Infinity also. You can click the link at the top of the page, or go directly to our forums here:

CA$H  out!


  1. Congratulations, Infinity is a great game and with the new book you have a nice campaign system and some cool scenarios to try out. I play Combined Army and the MRRF sectoral list and I try to resist playing every other faction, a common problem in Infinity.


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