03 October, 2012

Vintage Wings 2012

 Hey guys, while I know this isn't 100% Flames of War related, its is WW2, and therefore awesome.   Phantom Matt, aka Vicious Ego, aka Juno76 and I went to the Vintage Wings airshow, and here is some pics and a vid at the end.   Above is the nose art of the B-25H

Spitfire MKVII and a F4U-D

The very last Hurricane MkIV in flying condition, in North Africa colors.  Pilot kept the flying pretty tame..
..unlike the P-40 Warhawk pilot, who was throwing it around the sky!
LW 6pdr with muzzle brake.

Market Garden style Jeep

German MG-42 HMG

German finely made ammo box.  Now I can color match my ammo crates on my 21 Panzer!

Bofors AA gun on flex trailer.

15cwt truck, note yellow tonnage marker and unit colors, I need to fix my 15cwts now!

Matt/ Juno76 touching the B25.. its his fave in Aces High
In Canada we called this the Canso, better known as the PBY-4 Catalina.  My dad got his start in aviation at the age of 4 riding in his fathers' company Canso, face against that observation blister behind the wing!

Finally a video of the assorted clips from the event.


  1. Hey Matt,

    Great pics. Just to clarify....the yellow markings on the 15 cwt isn't the load capacity of the truck....it’s the bridge classification. Any bridge that can't take 3tons would be in danger of collapsing should the truck fully loaded drive over it. The bridge classification is a combination of the weight of the truck and its load capacity. Cheers. Bob McBride (a.k.a. Luggs)


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