18 September, 2012

Hobby Article part 2

Quick post, here is part 2 of the Hobby Series. I should come up with a clever name haha. First picture you see the difference between my old Italy scheme and my new desert-only, Iraqi Sand scheme. By leaving the original darker color between the panels, I almost don't need to go back over with a blacklining pen. Second pic is of Bill Wilcox' Early War A13. This is what I am talking about, the simple addition of guys on the tank goes MILES in terms of adding extra theme and 'oomph' to a model. His whole BAR looks like this, guys on almost every tank.
Bonus Pic: Aces High, a player run mission to flatten an enemy airfield leads to 45 B-17s, trying to stay under radar altitude. We got scouted anyways, but with this many MGs firing, any single planes that came our way (and there were some) got melted. I got 3 kills, 3 assists. However, because we got scouted, when we got close to the target, there was 20+ Bf-110s, P38s, etc waiting for us. Fun times.. note the lone Spitfire giving us escort! "Weather Report: Aluminum Overcast with a high chance of bombs over the Channel"
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