13 October, 2012

AAR 75, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

"Loading these 'ere guns is tough work, 'ey mate?!"

Well after a long hiatus, I have an AAR for you guys that I actually played in!   Phantom hosted a game at the Matt-Cave on his sweet felt desert table, and we did Brit 8th army vs Aussie Div. Cav, 1625 pts, in preparations for Fall Fubar (2 weeks away!)

My List:  
Motor Company HQ
Motor Platoon
HMG platoon in trucks
Carrier platoon
6lbr Portee platoon
4 gun RHA troop
3 Kingforce Churchills
2 Kingforce Churchills

Phantom took:
CIC, 2IC in Crusaders
4 guns RHA
Hurricane D Model                                            
As usual a few pics, then video at the bottom, Enjoy
After my recce move, I was close to the town, and the objective in the wood at the end of the road (in the small woods)

Turn 2, you can see my carriers are just within 4 of the crashed Hurr'c, but behind the hedges enough to not be seen.   This forces Phantom to pitch models forward to contest turn after turn or lose the match.

Meanwhile, my unpainted Churchies take a pounding from AT 11 Cannons!  Hurray 'protected ammo' though

Phantom's ShermanIII's look like they have slogged long and hard across the desert to get to this town

Yes its childish, but Phantom's felt table surface leaves cool track marks as I dragged my Churchies forward!

I eventually lose my carriers, but by now my reserves are coming..

..including 6lbers who drive up and fire into the sides of ShermanIIIs..

Here is the video, folks...

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