10 October, 2012

You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

So with the armor of most tanks I have been facing as of late, I decided to beef up my AT (anti-tank) abilities to enable myself to have a chance in later turns. Most of my games, my opponents have been fielding an abundance of tanks, to which I have no reply. My Marders have not been able to hit very much and the Panzer IV's are great, but once they are gone, held in reserve or find themselves in a US Tank Destroyer ambush, it's tough to recover from. PAK 40's seem to be the answer with a few modifications as far as chopping points up in my German MW Panzergren list. I had to make room for them, so out go the mortars and the PAK 38's for now and I'll likely be testing them out this Friday with the rest of their German brothers.

For prep, the usual filing and light scuffing was done in order to prep them for basing. I went ahead and kind of pre-placed my soldiers around the guns before basing them separately from the guns themselves. This step saved me some time as it was way easier to paint the guns alone before they were mounted. A step I did not take when I did my Australian 25 pound guns. Overall, I went with a mix of browns and greens for my camo and the yellow/orange ochre look for the guns themselves. They are not quite as shiny after a wash and ended up turning out pretty good, although not as nice as I thought they would have.

My buddy Dan built the walls you see in the pictures, they turned out great and really add to the bases. I would not recommend his 'brick by brick' method of assembly, as it must have taken him forever for them to get done where it started to look like a wall. I was messing around with some of the settings on my camera as I never like to just take a straight shot of something, I like lighting effects and other small features to make the painting and modelling more non-fake looking, if that makes any sense.

ACHTUNG!! The bricks are not as red without my bright painting light.

Eins...zwei...drei....vier PAK 40's ready for action!

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  1. Looking great.. the scenic bases always go a long way into making a platoon and the whole army stand out.


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