01 March, 2011

Need to Repaint German stuff... Le Sigh

(above, 15cm Howitzer Artillery on french L37 Lorraine tractor)

I am doing 21 Panzer for my Germans, and they have a tonne of captured french stuff in their arsenal, in fact most of it is french with german weapons on it. The FoW team painted up the army box models in a generic late war scheme, and it turns out there are some interesting camo schemes to be had here.. sadly, it means redoing a lot of work..

U304 Utility halftrack, the french used these to tow their 105 mm guns.. the germans used them as halftrack chassis.. Note the very dark grey camo as opposed to the reflective green of the standard colors..

One of the StuG/Marder vehicles that Maj Becker built, this one a Hotchkiss H39 chassis.. how do I model on all that greenery?!

L37 Observer Halftrack for the Howitzers.. again, this paint scheme is completely different than the box art ones from FoW.. Itll be tough to do, but I like this more than the std green and yellow..

Somua PaK40 combination

Raketen Vielfachwerfers.. Rocket Mortar launchers.. I have 4 of these on order, and this paint job looks sweet.

Color photo of the Stug H39/Marder I in a museum in France.. I like the added brown

The infamous 'Bathtub" halftracks, based on the U304, with a tonne of bushes

Man, this'll be tough to paint, but will look awesome


  1. I love the mix of camo - totally have to do that!

    And you know I have a pair of Raketen Vielfachwerfers coming for you.....so that makes 6?!?

  2. Oh boy... :) If you need the airbrush let me know!


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