12 March, 2011

Lost FoW AAR, GameSummit Switcheroo

(above) Tristan uses the infamous British Army, while Duane and I use my german panzer army. So basically, its win-win for me.. either I win on my own for once, or my Brits win, just not with me at the helm!

I thought I had posted this the week after GameSummit, but I was mistaken. Anyhoo, after the giant Battle for Ukraine, some guys had to leave, so we had a 3 player game here, Duane and I vs Tristan, and I played germans for the first time, and Tris played Brits for the first time.

German Artillery Park

Tristan's infantry defending the crashed Hurricane

-Duane commanded the 3 StuG's and the heroic Marder I's

Tristan's recce carriers murder my artillery

Here, the Marder's have helped destroy the 6 Pdrs, then clean up the Priests.. they weren't finished there though.. check the video below

(NOTE: my memory card was getting wonky, so I lost a few photos and some of the turns in the video are lost too.. I have since bought a new memory card for future games)

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