03 March, 2011

Panzer IV H Platoon

My platoon of Panzer IVH arrived in the post on Tuesday and I got straight to work. Here are some shots of the completed platoon. I used the same camo colors across the platoon, varying the pattern on each tank to maintain unit cohesion, all the while adding uniqueness to each vehicle:

Click on after the break to see some more close up shots! As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks for checking them out.



  1. needs more skulls and imperial eagles

  2. The 4th close up pic is my favorite. I love the jagged look to the camo on that one!

  3. I'm looking at blogs with my 6 year-old son. He says, "It looks just like real tanks, only tiny with tiny people in it."

    You have our approval. ;-)

  4. What is this 'post' you speak of? Last time I checked we had mail in north America :)


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