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Video Battle Report: Eldar vs Black Templars

So, a bit of info here.. Last week saw Lothlann try out Necrons, but in true fashion, has already switched armies, and decided on Black Templars. Not only that, he ACTUALLY GOT A CODEX and some BT models.. so maybe we will see this army come to life for real!?! I am using my old 1500 pt str 6 heavy list from way back. I need to find room for more long range anti tank, 2 twin bright lances just isn't cutting it.

About the Video, yes there are some turns missing, some files were corrupted. The only thing of note was at the end, in Turn 6, he tank shocked my Fire Dragons who promptly rolled a Box Cars for ldr test, and fled off the board. Loth pointed out that they could reroll that test, but it turns out I need an Exarch with TankHunters skill for that. Its ok, because reviewing the video, the rhino had been blown up by those same Fire Dragons in turn 3!! Revenge of the Ghost Rhino!

He forgot to even deploy 2 speeders, which evens out the above.

Lastly, we had an interesting rules question come up, and I'd like anyone reading this to chime in: When you see the video, you will see the situation: THere are Dire Avengers bravely cowering behind the burning wreckage of a Wave Serpent. Loth wishes to charge the one guy possible without rolling the difficult /dangerous terrain, so that he doesn't roll a 5 or less to not be able to assault nor take unnecessary wounds.. fine. Problem was, with Defenders React, we weren't sure if my guys HAD to move through the wreckage. Turns out on Pg 34, they DO, but do are not slowed down NOR do they suffer the effects. So that is solved, yet, in the subsequent combat, since my lone DA made his ldr test to stay, with Pile In moves, would his Crusader squad take dangerous terrain tests piling into my one guy? I'd say no, because the Defenders React part states the move is done exactly like Pile in, so reverse engineering of the rules seems reasonable to me.. your thoughts?


  1. I can't believe how many of the items in that room I could identify. Ah, the wargaming parent experience... btw, the idea of using those interlocking kid-mat things as a playing surface is inspired!

    Fun batrep! Thanks for posting.

  2. its actually inspired by the kid gridlock thing, but is an actual gaming mat. It is rubberized on the bottom so it doesnt slide, and the top part has flock adhered to it.

    Ca$h could tell you where he got it from, it was roughly 80 bucks Cdn for the 6 by 4 table size.

  3. The one problem I see is that you HAVE to roll for dangerous/difficult terrain, you cannot choose not to and walk on open ground. You MUST try to get as many models into contact as possible, so that means he must do a difficult terrain roll (accepting the results) and then any resulting dangerous terrain rolls.

    This one has come up a bit, but its explained pretty clearly in the rulebook.


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