02 November, 2010

Orks in Progress

So, Orks it is. I have officially started an Ork army! So far I have assembled 40 boyz, 3 Deff Copters, a unit of Nobz and a Warboss. I have also started building some custom vehicles for the lads to tour around in. First up is a rokkit buggy I made as a prototype out of a deff copter and some bits - I plan to make a full unit of 3 all similar. Take a look:

click to enlarge
I have also built a trukk, and what may become my first battle wagon.....

The first trukk was built from scraps. I had to build the frame, mounts and all, from plasticard and whatever I can find :

click to enlarge

Last up the the 2nd trukk, which may or may not become a battlewagon, depending on how my attempts to build one using a Bane Blade hull turns out. Stay tuned for the work with the Bane Blade hull!

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PS. I welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement to my creations, I am open to any/all crazy ideas!

CA$H out.


  1. Wow, that rokkit buggy build is awesome. The Battlewagon is looking really nice too. Really liking the dump truck look. The last Trukk is definitely large enough to be a BW. I know one that large I wouldn't use as a fragile Trukk, too big of a profile.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I plan to build a full unit of biggies using the same approach. I plan to build a turret for the battlewagon, and see if it looks more imposing.


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