09 September, 2010

To5G: Changing it Up!!

If everyone around you is making 40k their priority, and 40k is your favourite system, its hard to begin work on a brand new army for another system.

Thus I am changing my To5G army to be Imperial Guard. Specifically my Elysian 77th.

The army was mostly purchased second hand from a friend, but I have to assemble and paint all the air cavalry transports (8 Valkyries, 4 Vendettas and 1 Vulture), so there is a lot of work to be done.

Oh yeah...I am repainting all the infantry too...

Here is the first project...

A Heavy Bolter Section...


  1. Looking good!

    One thing though, the sand you are using is too uniform, maybe mix in some very fine sand into the mix?

    Also, what's the paint scheme going to be?

    Lastly, tomorrow is paint and play, so bring some paints and brush as well.

  2. Hmm i guess you can't tell from the pictures but the sand on the bases is a mix of coarse and fine already, it'll be more noticeable when painted I'm sure.


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