16 September, 2010


So, having started to paint a few orks, and ordering a ton of bits, I find my self at a stalemate. Reading through the Ork Codex, all I can say is that I am less than thrilled at what appears to be my options for an "effective" list. So many of the newer books allow troops to do so much more. I know Orks are really the "comic relief" of 40k, but I would also like to play something that gives me many tactical options on top of the modeling ones.

This brought my thoughts to the soon to be released Dark Eldar codex. This army has always intrigued me, as I tend to have a fondness for playing "bad guys" . Reading up on some of the rumors, it's looking like the DE will excel at fast, guerrilla style attacks (duh!) but also may shine in a heavy melee approach, with poison and such. It is making me really question the logic behind investing heavily into an army with an old codex (Orks) that have no rewrite in the near future(read 1-2yrs). Keep in mind I already play Chaos Marines (and love them!) and their codex is becoming less and less tenable with each new codex release. This isn't leading me to move away from Chaos, as it is fast becoming my go to army for painting, playing, and converting models.

So what to do now. I have a small, nominal investment in Orks, meaning the contents of 2 AoBR boxes, plus bits and plasticard. No real loss there. Dark Eldar are getting a whole new line and new book offering a very different play style to power armor just like orks. So what is a man with a serious case of uncertainty to do? I'm really open to ideas and feedback as to which direction to take - something in me REALLY REALLY can't wait to buy a brand new codex and BattleForce and just have at it!

Please, can someone give me some solid reasons NOT to leave orks until they get revamped and just do Dark Eldar?

-CA$H out.


  1. Everyone and their dog will be doing Dark Eldar.

    Orks are fun to play. They are also fun to convert. I regret selling off my Orks, bigtime.

    But ultimately, its going to be up to you. Maybe hang on to them until pics of teh sculpts come out later this month at the UK Gamesday?

  2. Also, a mob of 30 boys is one of the most unstoppable units in the game. They hit like a bag of hammers in the junk, and there's so many of them that it's almost not worth trying to carve through them before they hit you. And if you do succeed in whittling a single mob of Boyz down to a manageable size, guess what? More are on the way. They're the one army next to Guard that I have never been able to really stave off. I think until you play a few games with an Ork army you won't know how hardcore they can really be.

    Dark Eldar... well, bear in mind: You haven't seen those rules yet. Only rumors. You don't even know when they're coming out yet (though we should soon).

  3. Dark Eldar have been officially announced for November. So while it really sounds like what you want to do is play Dark Eldar, an I always feel that it's best to feed your true desire rather then force yourself to do something you aren't as into, I will give you some good reasons to stick with orcs... Because that is what you asked for.

    1. Orcs is best...at least in terms if model range. The entire range looks awsome, they are a converters dream and they are super flexible in how much time you need to put towards them to paint. Plain and simple the figs rock.

    2. If you want to feel like your army is a bit more unique, Forgeworld has some really nice Orc stuff that you can add, and a lot of it is fairly new. Grot tanks anyone?

    3. Orcs are competitive. Nob bikers, and Orc boys are some of the most rock solid units in the game.

    4. You will never regret owning an Ork army. Orks are the kind of army that a year from now, or two, or three you will likely enjoy pulling off the shelf and using again.

    5. People like playing avaunt orks. In a game dominated by power armor everywhere orks offer both the player playing with and against the orks a change of pace.

    6. Orks is best... Did I say that already?

    In my opinion you should play Dark Eldar because that's what you seem more passionate about. But if yu want good reasons to stick to the greenskins there are tons!

    Good luck!

  4. As a current Dark Eldar player, all I can say is, please stick with the orks. :-)

  5. There is only 1 reason to play Orks.
    They are fun.
    Everytime you see an Ork player, they have a bigass grin on their faces, and usually so do their opponents.

    Its the only army I have played that my opponent still enjoyed the game after I tabled them.

    Crazy stuff = fun.
    Orks = fun.
    Crazy stuff = Orks
    All are true.

    See you on da Green side.

    Also, on the "competitive" comment, dont always beleive the internets. Just because Orks "cant handle" 11 razorback doesn't make them uncompetitive.
    The only reason the internet pundits claim Orks are uncompetitive is that their tactics haven't changed in the last 3 40k editions ... "Charge!".

    The truth of the matter is though, whereas their "competitive" armies are good, for many people they can be "not fun" to be beaten by. Orks are.

    Go figure :)

  6. Corey. They are 100% confirmed. My trade rep has already been telling me about the black box. And Jess Goodwin has confirmed that he will be showing off the range at games day uk.

  7. Do what you want to do CA$H. If you are hungering for Dark Eldar, then wait for them, otherwise you'll half ass the orks and likely ditch them anyways when the DE come out in a couple months (likely).

    As with every GW release, a lot of people will buy Dark Eldar, but as per every other army, few will finish an army, and even less will play them.

    On top of all this, the Dark Eldar fit thematically with your Slaanesh.

    That said, Orks are awesome, but do what you want to do. No one here can convince you.

  8. Orks are bad, but powerful. You can beat face on inexperienced players very easily, and bad lists don't tend to fare that well against the boyz in green.

  9. Jay, I know you're going to get mad at me, but... Dark Eldar are definitely confirmed and all signs point to "soon". But I haven't seen anyone from GW speak in an official capacity yet about November.

  10. No man, I don't get mad about that kind if thing. Fair enough, they have not officially been announced for November (because GW never officially announces anything more then a month in advance anymore), but trust me when I say that unless something strange happens GW will release them around November. Could be Oct 28th, almost certainly won't be December (reserved for silly seasonal releases). I just meant that it is as close to a lock as you can get.

    Anyhow, did you make a decision Ca$h? Blunt instrument or precision?

  11. As a journalist, I get crucified for saying things like "confirmed" when they aren't confirmed.

    Once in 1999 I reported that Aliens vs Predator was coming to the Macintosh. I did so because I was in San Francisco and saw a Mac publisher running it on an iMac. They took me aside to show me, in fact. So I just assumed it was a done deal.

    Not only did I almost lose my job, but I almost ended up in court. Fox did *not* appreciate it one bit. And they were right. I had no official announcement from anyone in hand where a representative of a company was speaking in an official capacity and saying that AvP for Mac was a done deal. They were in the right. What I did was bullshit journalism. Turns out AvP came more than 18 months later because someone didn't sign the right contract and certain things weren't worked out before that porting house started showing off the proof of concept.

    So when BoLS, with the big "WARGAMES NEWS" at the top of the page, says "Dark Eldar Confirmed for November", yes. I want to see their source. Because shit like that matters to me.


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