06 September, 2010

Space Marine!

Holy Shit.

It looks simply stunning. I WILL be picking this up for PS3, and plan to write up a review on it here once I get my gritty little hands on it.

For info on the title :
GT developer interview and gameplay footage

Official Site

Check these out - Screenies!!

Release: TBA 2010.


  1. Screw Space Marine, have you guys seen the Firefall video? Jesus Christ that looks cool.

  2. heh, go figure that you would prefer the one w/ nids!

    IMHO Space Marine > Firefall atm if only because for Space Marine we got in-game video while Firefall is obviously just cut-scenes.

  3. ? there is a 11 minute gameplay video of Firefall, where at the end the guy uses his jump pack to man an AA gun to gun down this giant huge Tyranid thing attacking their town. Not just cut scenes D :)

  4. Ah... found the 11 - minute preview.

    I think my original snap judgement still stands / cell-shaded games have typically sucked in the past.

    Though the final scene with the Tyranid titan was pretty aweseome.


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