21 September, 2010

30 days until Los Deimos Tournament.. what do I take??

Man, its only 30 days away, and there is no way my Eldar are going to be done. Lately I've been running a different list for my Pre Heresy Night Lords, that relies on sternguard. I could run my Squats. Or I could run my Nids. Choices.

OH, also, for kicks: here is Bat Rep 55, with the Night Lords vs Ca$h's Slaaensh Chaos


  1. You know what you do? You make a whole new army you haven''t ever done.

    At least thats what the cool kids are doing :P

  2. nah

    that would be my eldar then, and I dont have time for that, I dont want to rush the conversions and paint jobs...

  3. Huh? I only heard 'I am not a man' repeated over and over...

    (Note to self, finish own army for Los Deimos, lol)

  4. I'm guessing you have to stick with the same force for the entire campaign? If so pick the force you enjoy playing the most. Other wise pick the Night Lords as you have such a cool army of them, and they are pure evil!

  5. I was talking about this with Ca$h today, I'll PROBABLY go Tyranids, just so that I finish the army off. I have 3 hive guard, 2 mycetic spores and a lictor to finish this army.. Oh and to do the last, tedious highlight of white on all the skin.. :(


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