19 August, 2009

Working on the Fire Prism

So, with the game tomorrow night against Kilroy's Boots and his salamander army approaching I have to take some time and "re-assemble" the fire prism. Here is a shot of the pieces. I will be using a dremel to drill out some holes and pinning it with some large paper clips.
Before Shot
click to enlarge

Notice that I just finished the black lining, but have yet to do the high lighting (light blue) and canopies. I will be drilling out both the gun pieces and either site of the turret, then gluing in small sections of heavy duty paper clips to form joints. This should reinforce the turret (preventing future breaks) and ensure the turret can move freely.

While working on the Eldar tonight, I am enjoying a few cold Mill Street Stock Ale. I highly recommend this beer, from a micro brewery in Toronto Canada. Here is a link to their site so you can check them out. It's a great summer beer, light and refreshing - damn I sound like I work for them! Anyways, I should get to it, my wife has taken our little one out for a walk to the shops (eek!) and I need to take advantage of the quiet time to get shit done. Pics of the completed Fire Prism to follow.

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