19 April, 2020

Realmshaper Engine discovered in the realms!

The new Seraphon Realmshaper Engine terrain piece is so interesting. Feeding off the story of how the "Old Ones" left temples behind when they departed the now dead Old World, the new Seraphon army terrain piece really ties the Lizard Old World lore into the updated Age of Sigmar lore for the Seraphon - and it has neat rules to boot!

Coming in at 0 points, it's a "why not" addition to my army. By that I mean I can choose to play with it in some lists, and leave it out in others as my fancy takes me. It's the first time I've bought a model for an army that literally has zero points cost. It doesn't directly help me expand my army into higher point ranges but it definitely adds a coolness factor - both to the army and to any table I play on.

So without further ado - here it is:

My thoughts in the build and rules after the break!

First off, the build. You can build it "new" or "old" I suppose you could say. The "new" is meant to represent the newly landing Starship Temples of the Seraphon descending into the Mortal Realms and being used by the Slann and Starpriests to summon new Seraphon into existence.

The "old", the one I built, is overgrown and aged. It represents previously landed ship/temples that have been slowly expanding the influence of the Seraphon. The new lore in the battletome hints at the Seraphon using their immense knowledge and power to actually begin terraforming the Mortal Realms to reflect the dense hot jungles the Seraphon prefer. 

Because I am starting off as a Coalesced force it was a natural fit to build mine as overgrown with vines and plants. Coalesced are the Seraphon that were summoned into existence and continue to exist now as fully fleshed out beings in the Mortal Realms. Here is the vine detail on all 5 sides:

I aged the bronze plates and snakes with GWs Nihilakh Oxide technical paint and I think it turned out well. The lightning crackling on top as my army either moves to defend it or focuses on wresting control of it back from the enemy. 

As for the neat rules, it basically functions as a building that can garrison 20 wounds of models (no size restriction) and allows casters to choose another terrain piece anywhere on the table. All enemy units within 3" of the selected terrain takes D3 mortal wounds on a 4+. There are some ways to modify these rolls but that's the general idea. Pretty awesome for free right? Keep in mind anyone/anything can garrison inside of it! Also, it is deployed before players choose sides so I am not guaranteed to have it on my side of the table. This may be FAQ'd eventually but for the casual games I play, I don't mind at all.

So what's next? Well I only have a Starpriest to do now and all my models will be painted! I am so stoked about that. Upcoming purchases I plan to include are a Stegadon, Slann, Kroxigors and maybe a second Skink Start Collecting to expand my skinks, terradons and sneak in a second Bastilidon? Time will tell so check back for the coming painted Starpriest and to see what I purchase/paint next!


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