28 March, 2018

Royal Canadian Regiment Museum Visit

I found myself in London, Ontario on business recently and had an afternoon off, so I checked out the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) Museum. The museum covered the history of the regiment form the late 1800s to the present day, but for this article I'll just cover WW2 and the Cold War as that is what Flames of War is all about.

 The cells.

Prisoner's kit ready for inspection.

Captured German weapons display.

And the good guys.

The RCR served in In Italy becoming known as the "D-Day Dodgers".

Late in the war they re-deployed to North West Europe to join the rest of First Canadian Army until the end of the war.

The RCR also served in Korea as part of the Commonwealth Division.

Note the maroon berets.  The RCR have always had a jump element in the Regiment (though at one time it was part of the Canadian Airborne Regiment).

During the Cold War the RCR served in Canada and West Germany as well as UN duty in Cyprus and in Bosnia.

Just because its cold out and there is six feet of snow that doesn't stop the Canadian army. Note the toboggan.  It used to carry the tents, rations, stoves and other kit.

Samples of our field rations.  Known as Individual Meal Packs IMPs)

Here is a model of a parachute mock tower.

Sentry post in Cyprus

Back of an M113.  Map board means it's probably a company CP.

Special Service Force/Airborne Regiment Jump Smock
For an army that didn't wear camouflage uniforms these were the height of cool. They were never used in the field except for "Dog and Pony Shows".

The 106 mm Recoiless Rifle

I couldn't really show it here, but the best part of the museum was a virtual reality station where you are part of an attack in WW1. You go from the assembly areas below ground and then into the forward trenches and then attack through open ground. After the objective is taken you then have to hold the ground.  The interesting thing about the simulator is that every time you looked behind an NCO would order you to look forward and advance. 

I was also fortunate to stay at the London Armouries hotel.  The hotel was built around a military armouries. Instead of tearing down the armouries to build the hotel, the hotel was built while keeping the armouries fa├žade in place and paying homage to the military. I think they did a good job.

If you ever find yourself in London, Ontario, stay at the London Armouries hotel and check out the RCR museum.

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