30 March, 2018

Cold wars 2018 Extravaganza

Caunter-scheme british Cruisers in Fireball Forward

Hey gang, I've been trying to figure out how best to show all the cool stuff I saw, and decided to just wall-of-pics it with video at the end.   Brief summary:  40k tournament, Ancients tournament, assorted hosted games and tables, Force on Force 28mm

Cold Wars 2018 was a blast, enjoy the pics and TWO videos.

German Panzers have to breakthrough the British tanks while minimising casualties in order to win.

Bob Falcetti questioning the GM on the victory conditions (after turn 2, the germans were already mathematically eliminated, despite outnumbering the British 3 to 1)  This is why you playtest custom scenarios folks.

Really nice 15mm 'crosshatch' camo on the Pzr IIIs though!

Zombie game, love the old school Diner.  Reminds me of Fallout IV :)    "There's a settlement that needs our help!"

There is always some Check Your Six, but this time 4 tables, possibly a tournament?   Flight of Mitsubishi G4 'Betties'

Cool city scape that had games on it all event long.   One was a Frankenstein zombie horror game that looked interesting.

All friday, this guy was setting up thousands of miniatures.  Romans on a wall defending against swarms of Celts

28mm Celt warbands aplenty

Bolt Action D-Day emplacement.

D-Day beach, with US LC's coming on.   I had to go set up the Team Yankee tournament before the game started, but Bob says it was fun, they were winning hands-down and then a second wave of boats came on and made it a close-run affair.

Mortar pit

Ludicrously well-painted 54mm romans.   Insane pricing, but I will be painting Romans soon, so inspiration :)

While on my shopping/lunch break from Team Yankee, Bob was again in a game.  He is a fan of 20mm Moderns, so clearly this Chechen Force-on-Force ambush featuring a 28mm scale Mi-24 was right in his wheelhouse!

trucks and BTR's get hit by rebel RPGs

Chechens coming out of the woodwork...

Lunch can wait until the Russians are dealth with.    nice BBQ!

Despite the mobility-kill, the russians do some damage from inside their immobilised BTR-80

Caravan technicals!   Also, clever use of the old plastic GW craters.

muddy soviet-era trucks, not sure where he found these models!

And just like the end of Red Dawn (the real one, not that North Korean horseshit) the threat of air support keeps the Chechens in Check!

Mechanicon is the regional 40k tournament that is always on at Cold Wars / Fall In.    Guess they finally made those Adeptus Custodes hover bike models after-all!

Grey Knights display board, this thing had already been destroyed

Baneblade about to swamped by Tyranids by the shield station (made from Battlestar Galactica Base-Star halves!!)

Sweet Nurgle army

I hope he wasn't paying GW prices on all that Greenstuff!

Swamp bases to match his swamp-board

Genestealer Cult Limo???

This guard player has 2 Imperial trucks with Phoenix Missiles to be like Katyusha's.  Awesome.

Again, at every event, they have the Art de la Guerre and DBM regionals.   Maybe I should paint my romans for this one day / year? :)
Cavalry on Camel Cav, what more can one ask for, really?

I know so little about the period I have zero idea what army these are even from.  But they are well painted, and thus I appreciate the hard work put in.

More camel cavalry, these guys were off-table flanking reserves.

Interesting unit of  lance and bow armed mongol cav.

Awesome trebuchets slinging palace marble>?!!?!?!

Not sure what this marker is behind the unit of spears, but its got roped up camels carrying the units' shields.   Again, I need to play this game!!

Colourful arab cavalry.  Look at the clothing and ornate shield designs

Each army has a command or supply area, see the colourful general's tent back right.

Skirmishing Archers, using a similar basing method as I do, Shaker box of flock with railroad gravel mixed in.

More colourful archers

At first I thought this club was playing for dollar bills (left side) but an hour later, walking past, these guys were into some liquor and pizzas.   Great way to end Saturday Night late!

I ended up NOT getting anything in Wally's Basement this year (flea market) and 'only' spent about 200USD on stuff, but it was all stuff I needed on my list (15mm MDF modern Terrain from Impudent Mortals, ECW command figures, Roman command figures, 15mm plastic Soviet weapons, Clash of Eagles, Britannica for Hail Caesar) then stuff not on my list, like the 3d sculpts of myself, and lots of Blood and Plunder characters for ECW, plus I found campaign tents and gambions in 28mm plus rubber dirt roads.

Anyways, here is some video I took:

Team Yankee Tournament and Force on Force

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