18 March, 2018

Go Paint Yourself!

Just got back from Cold Wars 2018, and while I will do a full write up, my new Roman and Napoleonic commanders are pretty sweet:

Denicus Maximus       aka my abs have never looked as good!

Minuteman Miniatures had a 3D printer and head scanner.. so ofc I had to make myself as a Roman commander.  I was hoping the base figure was pudgier...

Profile shot

The little nubs are where I still need to clean up the flash from the supports

A bit of marring from the 3d printing process, but still.  Looks good!  Also, got the Warlord Games roman slave girls to round out the commander base ;)  Gotta keep in the shade and have my wine and women right?  When in Rome......

Me as a Napoleonic Colonel (french ofc)   They added a mustache for me.

Can't wait for this commander to roll Blunders :)

Again, a few mars on the face, but that mustache is top notch.  I think for ACW they could digitally add in mutton chops and I know for Vikings they had a scan of a guys beard (real customer) that they could add in!!   


  1. Hey Matt!

    Hold off on putting paint on those guys... we made a few changes to the various sculpts to thicken them up a wee bit to better match the more popular manufacturers out there, and are sending every customer who picked up at Cold Wars reprints of all of their orders with the slight changes free of charge! So wait a week or so and spend your time painting those figures when they arrive, and in the meantime, maybe give the slightly more slender figures to someone in your life who might appreciate a slightly more slender you... maybe a wife or girlfriend?:)

    It was nice meeting you at Cold Wars; thanks for your patronage and your patience!:)

    GP from Minuteman Miniatures

  2. Well Dennis, Now you will have a true miniature of yourself! :)


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