23 March, 2017

Cold Wars 2017 Walk-about and picture dump.

Tris and Matt trying to figure out how to not get crushed by my Purple Empire in 'Shogun'

Here is my walk-around pics of Saturday Cold Wars 2017.   Video at the bottom that gives probably a better description.  Enjoy.

Kickass Civil War table

Check your Six Pacific

Biggest table of the Con.  Probably thousands of models, all 28mm.

Ancients tournament.  Aztecs facing Trebuchets..

Matty played  this Vietnam-era Check your Six games.  I was rooting for the MiGs :)

A-4Ns vs MiG-17s

Banking flight stands.. brilliant.

1/285 scale Moderns, Swedes vs Russkies.

Swedish tanks

Superb Infinity table.

Looks great, but too many charts for me.. so no Infinity for me :)

'Desperadoes' table.. Billiards table!

You can just hear the old-time piano :)

Love the outhouse right of pic haha.

Hope you enjoy, here is the vid:


  1. Too many charts in Infinity? What are you talking about... (thinks about the hacking rules) All right, I see your point.

    Thanks for sharing these images. Wish I was there.

    1. Yup, even if you look closely.....you'll see someone's head buried in the book looking something up. Great models, love the reactive system but don't like playing the game if that makes sense.

      We had an awesome time down there and a few events didn't run, either because the weather kept people from going (weather was A+) or the organizer got sick (Frostgrave mainly....)


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