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Petawawa Early War tournament and other photos, WIP, etc

Broken-down Italian tank?  Shocker!
 Hey guys, back with a long post full of pics as usual, its been a while but w/e, got a lot done!   First lets look at the recent Petawawa Early War 1500 point tournament, which is a tune-up for this year's Cdn Nationals event in Ottawa on Labour Day weekend:

Ross' DAK move up the hill vs Farmer Pat's Aussies in Hold the Line

In Early War, the germans have such low numbers that the Brits were able to hold that hill (but barely)

Rob's BEF Cruisers pop the easy tanks of Andrew's Matilda force (Brit vs Brit with a Union Jack on the wall.. coincidence?)

Rob had 8 x 18/25 lbrs, and 2 Matildas assaulted the side of this formation.. 2 bailed out tanks (vs side armour), so moral victory if nothing else!

Bridge of Doom, Marty Sill's Brits pound Lou's Finns

Kevin's Russian BT horde vs Iain's Japs in the semi-circle of justice.  All that firepower failed to kill a single one of those dug-in infantry..! Hens and Chicks FTL

Meanwhile, in the other Russia v Japan battle, here is Dan's KV-2s vs Bob's Japanese.
Close-ups of the KV-2s chilling by the river.   Rear armour is still proof vs the Japanese tanks :)

Nikuhaku teams wasted on the small tanks, KV's camping in the back.

Closeup of Rob's BEF.  Scottish flags and all kilts.

Sadly this is the best pic of my Italian Carri Company.. spent a month painting 24 vehicles...  Coastal guns put in some serious work in the tourney though!

Bob's Japanese

Dan's tankovy w/ KV-2's

Marty's Highlanders

Lou's Finns

Ross's DAK

Rob's Jock Column in BEF paint.  All that tartan.
And now for stuff ive been working on, 28mm French Napoleonics
In Napoleonics, the French are the "Space Marines" IE, in every single battle it seems. Plus there is a lot of blue (just no Marneus Calgar!).   24 of these guys done, and now ALMOST finished a Cavalry unit.
Team Yankee air units are next on the on-deck painting circle

Local museum had a Napoleon exhibit which sucked, but had a few gems like this Cuirasse and Casque

Drum taken from Waterloo.  Painting those red and blue triangles in 28mm will be a challenge!

Guard Hussar Dolman.  The fur looks crazy, looks like bad wig hair.


  1. Looks like a great time, any chance you are coming to the Nationals prep tournament in Toronto? I've made the move and am once again a resident of Ontario. Can't wait to see you and the guys from DD.


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