30 July, 2016


Almost two years to the day, I posted an article about my purchase of my Grex Airbrush. You can find the original article here GREX AIRBRUSH.

The nice thing about using this airbrush for models for miniature wargaming is time saved painting!! Not only the ability to pump out a serious number of models, but the look they have when they are done. Everything from base coats to finer details can be done with an airbrush.

Whether you're doing moderns, WWII or other historical minis, what better way to crush some of the stuff you have lying around unpainted. At least a base coat of browns or lighter tones would help knock all this out in no time!

I know I have a lot of stuff I was looking to get built and painted in 2016, the Panzer IV platoon is half complete and the rest of it is in the process of being built. Once again, when they are all built, my airbrush will definitely make a huge difference in the way these models turn out. (Update! Panzerwerfer 42 platoon is built and primed. The Panzer IV box in this pic is built, painted and waiting for decals and I'm actually diving in and building some of my Vietnam!

You can see the only color I have on my Panther is the explosion marker. It was a victim to a Free-French ambush! Unpainted models are as dreary as the grey house beside the Panther in this picture, I'm convinced if there had been paint on this newly assembled tank, maybe the outcome would have been a little different! Painting is part of gaming, simply throwing some glue on your miniatures and never painting them is kind of boring.

Does this look like the same tank that would get ambushed by a Frenchman. Certainly not Mein Herr!! With an airbrush, I turned out this lot of Panthers in less than a few hours.

Make sure you work in a relatively well lit and clean area when airbrushing. With a good airbrush and the right type of paint, you can easily get a lot done in a shorter amount of time.

I tend to take a little more time in really making sure the patterns and colors are what I am looking for, it's a little harder to get it 'just right'. The one thing over all the positives towards the negative side is the maintenance. For me, ensuring anything you're using for modeling, whether it's your brushes, airbrush or tools such as files and knives. You have to make it so the next time you sit down in your Zen area to do some work, it's clean and ready to go. Time spent cleaning out paint, or wiping down lead shavings or washing brushes, is time wasted and things won't go right from the start.

Just before the decals went on.

Photos taken in my 'light box'. I'll be showing you how to make one for just 20 minutes of your time and very little money from your wallet.

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