25 July, 2016

Some WIP French Napoleonic, Italian and Team Yankee shots

French Artillery limbers

A quick post to show off what I've been working on.  Plus got some decent pics of my Italians from last post I was talking about.   lately been trying to finish off another Brigade for my Napoleonics.   I have an Infantry Brigade of fusiliers and some light infantry, so it was time to finish off a Cav Brigade.

WIP of rebasing guns, and my two limbers. I had some spare guns, so I put some small Horse Artillery guns together, on the limbers of course.

Here they are finished, as well as two dragoon squadrons.

Close-up of the limbers and the Brigade Commanders on horse.
Its fun painting 28mm again after years of Flames of War 15mm.

Once finished, I could turn to my Team Yankee Soviet Air.
Note the Tetris-esque foam plucking.

3 color base: light grey underneath, Russian green, flat brown camo.

Little while later, the weapons and canopy are done.  Just needs decals!

My Italians. Truck-mounted guns and lots of M-13/M14s.

Someone order a pizza?

HQ plus Tankettes. 100 pts for 4 'tanks' with ROF 4 MG on the move? 
Yes please! I have 2 units.

Well that's that.  I played a few practice games last week, I'll post the videos later on.  I know, shocker.. Flames of War videos from me.. what is this, 2014??? :)

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