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March of Tanks

Getting some stuff done is what 2016 is all about. I purchased a Grex airbrush a few years ago and have not had the opportunity to scratch paint some armor with it yet. I usually take the shortcut of priming my tanks in their base coat color using any number of the pre-mixed spray cans for models. Whether it's the Armor Spray by PSC or Warpainters lineup of great paints, I wanted to paint an entire platoon using just my airbrush.

Just one of the many Panthers on the table getting some work done to it. This one is an older one I had used some of those shortcuts I was talking about. Could I make the others look like this after the models from the rest of the box set were still in pieces? Let's find out......

I did say Panthers right? I also had a platoon box of Panzer IV's from Battlefront to build, so I got them done at the same time. NOt sure how I will paint these ones yet. Tanks tanks tanks.......

Base coat of 'Middlestone' from the Vallejo Air line of paints. Supposed to be a little thinner for airbrushing. I found, even on a higher PSI setting, I had issues with having to wipe off a bit off the end of the needle of my airbrush. Any suggestions on this, please comment below.

All dry and ready for the next step. Even though it wasn't as fast as using a spray can, it still only took a few minutes per chassis and turret to complete.

First application of brown put on, I did a few touch ups here and there to make them a little more colored up.

Green added to the mix, it's not as apparent in the photos. I used a little lighter green then I wanted to, but found it to apply quite well to the light base coat.

Washing in progress.....a good wash helps bring out the small details of your models, if you're not using one for this scale, you are missing a step in painting your miniatures in my opinion. I used a dark wash for this made by Vallejo, it's their Game Color Wash Umber Shade #73.203 It's a dark tone and helps tone down the middlestone with the brown and the green camo on the tank.

Almost dry and ready for drybrush. For this, I again went to the Air series from Vallejo and used their light grey for drybrushing. I know the normal is Iraqi Sand or another off-white tan color. I think the grey helps highlight the edges a little more and will be a good place to finish up before I detail and decal them.

All done and antennae added as well, the two Panthers on the left are the only two I had completed sometime last year. I only needed the two for a list I was working on, now the others are caught up and they all need some detailing and decals, which you'll notice a lot of my models lack. I truly hate applying them but in the end they do pay off in the end.

Some of the stuff I had listed at the beginning of the year to get through, the German Stug platoon is in progress as well, even with the simple design of a Stug Assault Gun, I loathe the two piece track that most PSC kits come with. Keep an eye for more painting updates as I try and crush through all my boxed WW2 kits.....after that, I really should dust off my Vietnam and get working!


  1. Very nice camo pattern. Even with the Vallejo Air paints, I add a couple of drops of their airbrush thinner and then give it a stir. It can help stop paint drying and clogging. I've found it also gives a smoother coat on the model as well.

  2. Matty, they look great! I can't wait to see your Team Yankee army


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