11 March, 2016

Panzer V 'Panther' Tanks with Finishing Touches and Pictures

The nice thing about taking the time to building a small lightbox to take your pictures in, is that they turn out great. The right balance of light and a digital camera make all the difference. The Panther Company I have had sitting incomplete is finally done. You likely saw them in progress this week while I have had some spare time to paint.

The only bad thing about getting right in there to look at details? The answer is........details. The imperfections in the resin models also comes out and can not really be seen by the naked eye, but the camera can see it. Not that I care, short of serious scuffing and prep, it would take forever to smooth out the surfaces. I'd rather spend time painting and playing with the models I have, instead of the extra time it takes to really 'clean' them up.

Tooling and track details are done, you can also see the track pin tools are completely realistic. I've 'broke' track on armored vehicles before, and I can tell you the tools and techniques are pretty much the same as they were in WW2, takes a while and it's a bit of a pain.

Right hand side, sorry about the barrel in the picture causing a bit of a blur, but it's really the back deck and the tracks I want you to see. They were done with a black base, rust brown was then put over the entire surface, washed and then dry brush black again, with gun metal color for touch ups.

Rusty intakes and exhaust just sit at the rear of the Panther.

Front track, barrel and night drive light details. Thought about doing the glass prisms as well, but couldn't find a color I liked. They should almost be clear, so maybe a 'Antique White' or something like that would be a good contrast.

Top down view, full deck details and antennae

Went through my decals and only found I have German decals in single and double digits. I'll be adding decals this weekend and that will likely be the last touch they will need. If you have any comments or suggestions, as usual please leave them below. If you're not following our site to get updates, please take a minute to follow our blog. Thanks for visiting!


  1. While not realistic (I'm no real tank expert) but vallejo makes a dark blue grey called Periscope blue that I like to use. Looking great.. and thanks for the crazy chess-match 1700pt game last night

  2. Looks awesome! Keep up the great work!


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