31 March, 2016

"Afrika Korps Units ready, Mein Herr!"

88, fresh off the boat in Tripoli

So, 6 weeks ago I finished off my Team Yankee Soviet stuff I had been working on, and since then I have been pretty busy. Went to Arizona for 2 weeks, so what have I been up to?   Painting old DAK units. I had a box of 88s that I bought 5 years ago, Panzer IIIs I had from 2012, and Panzer IVs from the first release of Plastic Soldier Company. With this weekend's Petawawa MW tournament, it was a good time to get cracking and get these guys finally on the table. Pics after the jump

88s still on trails. There is youtube footage of them firing like this at Matildas, also, not all of them had gun-shields.  

So as with the rest of my DAK, I went with the high-contrast Steve Maclaughlin look.  SIGMA technical pens to the rescue! Also note my 88 command vehicle is a 'Saurer' from Austria with the funky road wheels and tracks!

Pzr III's with short guns.   2IC is a converted Rettemeier model also with short gun.

Decals by Dom.  I usually hate decals, note painted crosses, but these look great after applying the Decal Medium.

And finally, Pzr IV platoon.  These were originally late war models, but I then converted them all to have the short 7.5cm gun.  They also have lead weights inside, I hate how lightweight the plastics are. I guess I like hefty models.

4 Pzr IVs with CO tank.

Painted div symbol and DAK palm tree on grey undercoat. The numbered decals are fine but I hate working with smaller decals so I paint these by hand. I just am terrible painting curved numbers and letters I guess!

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