02 December, 2015

Team Yankee Test Game

Deleted 'Red Dawn' scene...
Despite us not having the Team Yankee book yet, as it is November 27th, Keven (Desert Rat) and I decided to try it out with what we know.   The Breakthrough Assault guys have tonnes of army cards up, plus I took a few screengrabs of the demo book at the LW FoW tourney a few weeks ago.    So Kevin is running Proxy USA and I will rock the Reds (a few proxies as well)   I took video as well, but here are the pics and the video is at the end.   It was great fun though we for sure botched a few rules!!
100pts a side.  I have 18 tanks and Motor Rifles, he has 10 M1s plus support.  The Sturmovik is an A10.

BTR's counting as BMPs, plus Infantry guarding the Air Defence Radar objective.

8 "T-72s".   I sure hope BF puts out a list for Reserve Battalions.   These T-55s sure look a lot like T-62s.   IS-3Ms from UAR would be perfect as T-10 super heavies.  in WoT they are IS-8s.   

10 T72s and 2 ZSU-23 Shilka's  (Models are QRF brand)

Laser guidance means no shooting penalties on the move.  The M1 (Tigers) have the same plus ROF 2.. ouch!

I move my BTR's up.   The US Mech platoon is very small, so I ought to be able to assault it and win.

3 hulls left, so not in "good spirits" but still over 2 active tanks!  This is way better than the under half FoW rule!

Recce and BTR's turn into the vineyard, to get flank shots with the high AT TOW missiles to the M1s..

However, since the ATGM's have the HEAT rule.. the M1 Chobham armor means i only get bails.....

Target rich environment for my TOW missiles....

Again, as we played it, the US should never move unless forced to.. at range the reds have not much that can hurt an M1 frontally.   I LOVE how the air assets are always on a 4+ but can be shot down!   We touched on a few squad orders when we remembered.. but in the end, once I had wiped out the M1s with Hind, TOW and lucky T-72 shots, I was able to drive up and then 'stormtrooper' onto an objective for the win.  Video below.. but rest assured we will have lots more Team Yankee when we get the actual books!!


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