05 December, 2015

Napoleonics: British vs Natives South Africa 1819

Here we go again, another game using the Black Powder ruleset to play Napoleonics.. this time with a Colonial flavour:  British vs the restless natives in South Africa in 1819.   The british must prevent the Natives from reaching the town and putting it to the torch.

I have a video bat rep at the end, but took a tonne of pics also, enjoy!   

38th Foot march out of Grahamstown to meet the natives on the field of battle..
I had an inept C/O whilst one brigade commander was 'great' and the other also inept and non aggressive.   I reckon the two were related and got their commissions just to get them out of the family business.   I had a unit of Brit line infantry, Brit Dragoons and British rifles (in the forward outpost) and 1 cannon.  Mark had 5 warbands of natives, some with shields, some with spears, some with decent leadership and the 'bloodthirsty' rule..

British Dragoons

Boer Militia, 'defending' their town

One inept and one great leader.  The one on the horse is the inept one and outranks the Capt...

"There they are, 600 yards!" <6 feet away, other end of the table!>

Mark's natives.   He says they aren't the Zulu tribe but the tribe Mandela's ancesters were from... interesting.

Short Spears

Spears and Shields

Turn 1, order to march issued, roll a "blunder" and the militia rout off the table (with a chance to come back if a leader can get close to the exit point)

"Beck to Tewn, bewys" <bad S African accent>

British Foot advance 36 inches while the rest of the army fails to follow any other order.

Mark's point of view: He sends one unit to dispatch the Rifles in the outpost <tower on the elft>, and moves his remaining forces forward.

Turn 2, I form a firing line with my Infantry, march the limbered cannon up, dragoons fail to follow orders, but at least the Brigade Commander gets the Militia back on the table..

I figured to unlimber the gun just past the rocky outcropping for enfilading fire.. but only get one action this turn... still limbered.

Turn 3, the natives cross the shallow river.  Mark is waiting for the bulk of his units to catch up.  He also had some command / movement issues..

Main force ignores the rifles guarding the stone wall.....

Turn 4, I don't inflict meaningful shooting casualties, and the native Horde is now gathered in strength for the main attack..

"Steady...... FIRE!!!"
"RELOAD, 2nd rank, FIRE!"

The rifles also get charged, and are able to see this lot off the outpost wall, but took heavy casualties doing so.

Cannon FINALLY into position, as the bulk of the enemy are about to pass them by? <crew in foreground>

Turn 5, a second unit charges the outpost wall, into the Rifles' defensive fire

..while the Cannon gets charged, as well as the 38th foot receiving two units in melee....

..while me 'reinforcements' dilly-dally in my backfield.. useless!

Cannon and crew get overwhelmed at the rocky outcrop...

.. while the few surviving Rifles are routed by the uncouth savages at the outpost..

At least my main infantry were able to fall back in good order... Oh look, the Dragoons decide to make an appearance.  A little late and a farthing short, eh?

This is all I have left, with Unreliable Militia as my reserve..

Mark moves this unit in a flanking position to my Dragoons..

Dragoons charge into the 'shaken' natives...

..and rout them.  They fell back around 30 inches (top left of pic!)

Final turns.. his units are all skirmishers, so can outflank me to get to Grahamstown.. I have to TRUST the Militia to reform in a firing line, and inflict 2 casualties to force a test, and perhaps fail company morale for the win..
The dragoons wheel around, lose a man to a thrown spear (falling out of the saddle) but they cannot charge through that small gap by the outcrop and forest....

Mark keeps the unit hidden by the rocky outcrop, denying me the opportunity to bring him below half strength..  And the Militia fail to break the natives with gunfire..

The militia can only look on as the natives put their town to the torch.  Fantastic game Mark, thanks for hosting!  "No, not the Chinese Restaurant!!"

Here is the Video.  I am fighting a cold.. didn;t realize I cleared my throat at EVERY film segment hah!  "Is it Dysentary, man?"

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