27 December, 2014

New Year's Resolutions and such..

This is still a paint I have never used, oh the irony

Well, yet another year has passed, and let's see what progress I made this year when looking to my goals as set forth in 2014:  http://www.dicedevils.com/2014/01/2014-whole-new-year-of-empty-promises.html  Here is the meat and potatoes of the post: 
What I want to do then is set myself for a small amount of painting, but every night where possible.  I have my Soviet Moderns which are up first (hence the Seinfeld/Red Dawn pics) and then my DAK which I've been working on for next Historicon.   Its still not 100% sure if its EW or MW.  After that, I have a small unit of Free French to finish off, 3 M7 Priests and some 105s.    My LW 21 Pzr has a recce unit of halftracks and some Pumas so I can field more than the 2 lists I am known for.  
Lets not even get into the unpainted Brit Para army I have, or the 12 Grants and 9 Crusaders I have for my MW British!!
Well I did do the painting daisy chain.. all year, and got my Soviet Moderns done for a few games, got my DAK up TWICE (I did 2 full armies' worth.. All scout cars, and your regular sitzkrieging gun list) and then went nuts and painted up a bunch of free French stuff thanks to the new Italy books.. I got 2 more units of recce jeeps painted, a unit of M57 (AKA 6lbr guns) and some 105mm arty.   I traded that Brit Para army for some Itals, and sold 6 of the 12 grants to ThunderST.  However all this painting took place before Cdn Nationals, which took place in late August, and since then I have been totally burnt out on painting.   I tried to get some panzer IV's done for my LW 21pzrs, but it fizzled out big time.

So what can I try and predict for next year:   I will paint not much WW2.   With the new FAON book, and now I have the Tour of Duty book, I want to finish off my Russkies.. I have a few more infantry teams to go, 4 BRDM scout cars, another ZSU-23/4 AA and a MiG-21 and a Hind-D kicking around.
MiG-21's.. and yes my gfx card wanted to implode!

I also have some Napoleonics I want to get done.. I might play them too often but they look sharp, and I can always bring them to Histo next year and get a game in with them.    Some of us also got bitten by the RPG bug, so some fantasy-type models for the Pathfinder thing we are doing.    I reckon that by April or so I will start back up with some Flames of War, maybe my Itals.   Been playing a LOT of ELITE Dangerous,

ELITE:  Oxygen is overrated.. I had less than 4 minutes to get to a station.. nearest was 8 light years away, and my windscreen was compromised, so kinda like driving a convertible through Hyperspace!!  (Spoiler, I made it with 45 seconds to spare)

and just started DCS World (free flight sim, see pic above) and even some SWTOR, so not a lot of time painting.. but that's fine.

How bout you guys?  How was your progress this year?


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