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Danger danger HIGH voltage!

Welcome to the aftermath that was 'May Madness', it was an all armored event held this past weekend at FdB, a well stocked gaming store just a little over 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa. A smaller crowd of seven people showed to play in this event, adding myself to even things out....eight players total to take part in something a little different. Some players don't want to try anything outside the normal points or format. They missed out!!
They came, they saw, they Hetz'd!

There wasn't any time to dwell on the amount of players we had for the event, we had some last minute cancellations as well, did I mention it was out of the norm for a tournament? If you have been following along the past few weeks, it was basically three things, ONE...bring a Tank Company list, TWO...make sure you have TANKS, and finally the THIRD...add one platoon of WHATEVER the heck you wanted. Some guys chose aircraft, anti-tank guns, or even....MORE TANKS! The missions were pre-posted and were played in this order; Free-For-All, Dust Up and finally Hasty Attack. Each round was allotted two hours, which seemed to be more than enough time for hardcore tank on tank action....
Germany's version of 'Hello Kitty',King Tigers!
Troops try to capture Göring's beer supply!
Louis' last chance to win the event was not to be, shortly after this picture was taken, all US forces were routed and the game was over. Tristan's final scores were 5-2  5-2  6-1

With the scores pretty even throughout the day, despite all the winners scoring a 6-1 victory in the last mission, Tristan 'One Event' Cash and his German armored list of Panthers, Hetzers and a single 8.8 Anti-Aircraft platoon won the day with 16 points. A full three points more than second place, which was a tie between; Rob 'Canadians' Kelly and Marty 'The Stuart' Hardwick. Congrats to the top three of the event. Full standings were as follows:
  1. Tristan Cash -Germany-
  2. Rob Kelly -British-
  3. Marty Hartwick -US-
  4. Louis Santerre -US-
  5. Dennis Campbell -Germany-
  6. Matt MacKenzie -Germany-
  7. Chris Moser -Russia-
  8. Brad Sainsbury -Germany- 
Once the day had wrapped up, I was going to have a free-for-all style game where all players took one tank model and placed in random locations on a table for a last tank standing (winner take all). I had written all the players name on a card and randomly placed a card on each corner, center of the long table edge and finally one poor sod in the middle of the table. All tank models had all the same stats of a Tiger I E, CONFIDENT VETERAN ranking, with a 12" movement. Each round consisted of me flipping cards for the movement phase and then again for the shooting phase. Each turn being totally random, made for some pretty hectic maneuvers and tactics to say the least. At the end of the of destruction, Louis and Chris battled it out to see who would take home  a very special prize. Louis' dice had pretty much shut-down since his 6-1 rout of me in game one, so Chris ended up hitting with a '6', Louis then failed his armor save and as Chris rolled a '5', it 'popped' Louis' Tiger off the table, leaving Chris the winner. I'll be doing this again for sure, it was a blast!
'Last Tank Standing' Trophy, with display case.


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