15 November, 2012

Soviet Army: T-34 Winterizing.

 Now that the IS-2's are done, time to tackle the tiny (see above) T-34s
 Close-up of the IS-2 slogan-age, or is it slogan-ry?

Hey guys, with 10 days left, I have to paint 12 T-34s.  So tonite I use my trusty test model method (this time using an Objective) to come up with a scheme that looks something like the following:

 I've seen black and white photos, but this one is color to show what it will look like.. winter, very weathered.
 Here is another color shot.    Looks like the turret white was touched up, as it isn't worn at all.  Note to Lothlann, I guess not ALL Soviet tankers wore blacks!
 Whats the deal with the "track marks"?   I have seen many pics of this camo on Winter War (Finland) T-34s..
This pic is the closest to what I am aiming for.

Video below to show my progress and methods.. (currently uploading)

Not quite finished, but I REALLY like it, AND it was quick enough to do 6 of these to this stage in an evening!! (note, green stippling, black wash, re-drybrush white have NOT been done yet..but still)


  1. You know, that last picture looks pretty close to that dipping technique in the Finescale Modeler magazine...

  2. Tankers blue overalls were used till 41 then then switched to grey in 42 and black in 43 and stayed black till the end of the war. Due to short supply though some wore there uniform which some wore under the coveralls. The turret probably wasnt touched up the rest just rubbed off because of getting into and out of the tanks.


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