13 November, 2012

Painting my Soviet Army Part 1:Test model, 1st platoon

Howdy guys, since I am a sucker for punishment, instead of taking one of my LW armies to the Petawawa tournament in 2 weeks, I have decided to paint a whole new army, and film the steps taken.

I'll simply let the pics and vid do the talking:

 Test hull: Inked and drybrushed
 Test hull with white camo, chip stippled then inked then drybrushed with a hint of white
 Close-up of the weathering effects, I am now happy with the test model..
 1st platoon, 3 x ISU-122s
 The white final drybrush brings out the rivets even on the green.
 Repairs:  This trackpiece was miscast..
 ..so I used a Zvezda T-34 and the Hobby Choppa to help out..
 Good as new
The gap here will be filled in with dirt and mud effects.

Here is the vid:

Part 1:  Getting stuff assembled, test model ideas.

Part 2: Test model Success!  Fixing the IS-2 track and gunning forwards with the IS-2 platoon.    1000 pts complete (the easy, 8 model 1000pts mind you!)


  1. God Den, I'd almost have given the models to you for free if I knew they'd turn out this good!!

    Damn...makes me want to paint soviets too, lol.

    1. Oh and could you list how you painted it? What colours/washes etc.

  2. I like very much the white camoed tanks. Good job.

  3. Also the video was removed it says. Due to length.

  4. Hmm ok It might have something to do with my account being reset so I can no longer post vids more than 15 minutes long.. lame. I'll look into it.

    Colors used:

    Black spray, especially sides and bottom angle to make sure all parts of track sections get hit.

    Russian Green spray, downwards 45 degree angle on the sides of tracks, everywhere else full on.

    Citadel Ceramite White for the camo, you don;t need a perfect coverage.

    Red Star and any slogans and numbers

    Chip-stiple Russian Green all over the white, in 'high-traffic' areas, as this is where wear-and-tear would cause the most green to show through the white wash

    Nuln Oil wash (Its a good black-brown wash, or Badab Black) over the whole model

    a VERY LIGHT drybrush of white over the whole model, including the green.

    Not shown: Brown mud weathering. I will do this dead last if I have time, probably morning of the tournament!

  5. Update: Thanks Joyous for letting me know about the video.. indeed, Youtube thinks I am a new account and has limited me to 15 minutes, so I will re-up the video in two parts, which means I can go a bit longer on part 2, so thats good. Since it takes eons, I will upload both parts tonite as I sleep. Good thing I took pics for once.

  6. Dude, these pieces are gorgeous! well done sir.

  7. tank crews wore black uniforms... :)

  8. Very nice looking soviets.

    I'm a sucker for punishment to and I'm doing something simular to you, but I have given myself 2 months to get everything painted not 2 weeks!

    Good luck Ben

  9. Thanks guys.. as a heads up the 2 videos are now working. Oh and I was able to "Live to Win' style and paint 6 T-34s all last night! Video of that stuff coming up probably tonite, maybe Thursday night.


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