09 July, 2011

Soviet Tankovy vs US Armour in Fighting Withdrawal: 1500pt MW

Soviet Tankovy:
T-34 HQ
10 T-34s with 3 or 4 Zis-2 57mm
10 T-60s
10 Stuarts
4 SU-85s

US Armour
2 HQ Shermans
4 Shermans
4 Stuarts
4 Stuarts
Armoured Infantry
Armoured Mortars

Soviets Attack with first turn.
3 Objectives.

US Deployment
US Left Flank (amoured mortars, Stuarts, Objective)

US right flank (Shermans, Stuarts, Infantry, 2 Objectives)
Soviet Turn 1

Soviets move up to crossroads.
and start flanking to the right of the US.
US Turn 1

US armour runs from the SU-85s, flanks left.

Mortars smoke T-34s in the middle.  US armour Start unloading.

Soviet left flank remains untouched...

but T-34s and...

T-60s start getting hit.
Overview at bottom of 1.

Soviet Turn 2
Soviet tanks move out of smoke.  Kill two Shermans.
T-60s move up into the face of the advancing Stuarts (no photo).

US Turn 2
Mortars smoke T-34s again.
Stuarts bail a couple aggressive T-60s.

Shermans try to use Buildings as cover and engage flanking lend-lease Stuarts.

Soviet Turn 3

Engage the turned Shermans but don't do anything.  One infantry stand is killed.

US Turn 3
Stuarts get behind the slower T-60s and punish their rears...

US armour continue to punish flanking lend-lease Stuarts.

US center.

The failing second flank.

Soviet Turn 4

T-34s and SU-85s cross the low walls and continue to move forward but fail to kill the dug in infantry.  CiC moves up aggressively to try to help the leaderless lend-lease Stuarts on the flank.

US Turn 4

Pulls off armoured mortars.

US Shermans come out to play.  Start hitting the SU-85s.  Stabilizers are nice.

US Stuarts flank the T-34s.

Lend-lease Stuarts and put down.

Soviet Turn 5

T-34s and SU-85s bail 3 Shermans but they remount.

US Turn 5
Shermans knock off the SU-85s.

Soviet Turn 6

T-34s turn to engage the rear Stuarts.  Kill a couple.

US Turn 6

US pull off the depleted Stuarts...
and remove left most objective, kill the Soviet CiC and 3 T-34s.

Soviet Turn 7

With the Soviets below half and no CiC the game ends.

The End.

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