06 July, 2011

Matt Varnish's Massive Update Pt 1: Flames of Lunch Updates

The above 2 pics were Week 3 Flames of Lunch: 17 Pdrs and Tractors. I tried to get a good zoom-in of the Desert Rat symbols, no dice, my Camera likes focusing off center.

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Week 4 was Shermans galore. here is the last one finished, the Company Command Sherman, with 2 antennas and Beret driver. Again, focus is off, thanks camera!

Here is the Armoured might of my army: 9 x Sherman III's and 9 x Crusaders. Took forever to do every number and Desert Rat, because I never use decals, so its hand painted...

These were taken after week 3, At this point I hadn't yet done markings, but the close up of the truck windows is for Rob Kelly. Black, then Brionne Blue (any blue gray will do, the darker the better) then a small highlight of Enchanted Blue.


A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...