10 July, 2011

The Hills are alive..................

With the sound of Brummbars!!

 Base coats complete - detailing remains

Another shot of the awesomeness that are Brummbars

Oh, and those hills that are alive?!?!?

 9 hills complete for the Skirmish!
 Flock looks pretty decent considering there is 2 coats of glue/water mix over top - durability!

Been a busy weekend for WIP from me! Hope you guys like it.


  1. Nice Brummbars. What colours did you decide on for the camo?

  2. Base : Middlestone (Vallejo Model Air #71031)
    Brown : Tank Brown (Vallejo Model Air #71041)
    Green : Dark Green (Vallejo Model Air #71012)

    I still have to apply some wash and detail them - but I'll post when they are completed.

    Thanks for the compliment!

  3. The tanks and hills look great Tristan!


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