27 June, 2011

Skirmish Update

Just a quick update:

With Skirmish approaching, the club has been busy. We have put together a player package for all the players to know what to expect. Check it out here : Player Package PDF

We are also making huge amounts of terrain. Just last week, we build enough hills for at least 2 per table (8 tables) and painted/flocked half of them. This week, I plan to finish the other half, and take some shots for the site here. We also worked on over 24' of hedges for the tables! I am also working on a few tree lines, and a pine forest or 2.

We are registered with Battlefront as a club and the event should be showing up in "Upcoming Events" shortly. I have also sent the info to WWPD tournament finder.

Expect some pics and updates on the terrain and WIP of our forces, as our lists are changing weekly.

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