16 June, 2011

Crusaders! Tally Ho

25 pounders painted during my FLames of Lunch this week.

Howdy gang, another late video, last games before the end of our Escalation League for mid war closes out with Total Battle, at 1500 points. Tristan has Panzer Grenadiers minus the trucks, while I have 9 crusaders, 25 pounders and shermans.. speaking of..


Tristan's guys assuming the now-classic infantry hiding in the woods posture.. make that "Forest"

Here is the Vid, for some reason, volume seems low, and Prip's Wife and friend were watching some show in the background, sorry.


  1. Despite totally botching some rules (I was sick and sniffling - apologies!) it was a decent game - and had takeaways.

    Sending in the 2 troops of Shermans piecemeal made it very easy for me to deal with them one at a time.

    The massed Crusader assault on the my left flank could easily have won you the game if Lady Luck was a little more kind. It was a very reasonable gamble, and one I would have done in your stead for sure.

    Brumbars are more effective as a fear mongering unit than as an actual unit that will kill their points cost of enemy.

    Looking forward to Total War tonight - 4500 pts per side!!!!

  2. Don't forget tank lists can usually take infantry, they follow the tanks up the field then assult into woods to flush out infantry dug in... mind you were only playing 1500 pts mw so you cant really make mixed lists like that as easily as LW or larger point games.


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