13 October, 2020

More Star Wars and....live streams?

 Hello again!

It's been a busy October on the painting front, and especially related to all things Star Wars Legion. Matty and I have been getting games in a couple days a week and I have been painting up furiously to get new Imperial units on the table. I have added 3 new units and a smattering of characters to my force and I wanted to update you all with some pictures.

Before I start posting beauty shots, I also wanted to note that we have built a Dice Devils YouTube channel and are starting to try our hand at live streaming our games. This will improve over time as I get better cameras, set ups, overlays etc. so please bear with us while we learn. I have added a direct link to the menu bar across the top. For now the channel has a few of our recent Star Wars Legion games but the plan is to include any/all systems I play - mainly AoS (Age of Sigmar) and 40K along with Legion.

Here are the units I have completed in the past 2 weeks:

Director Krennic

R4 Astromech

Medical Droid

More pictures after the break of the Death Troopers, Imperial Special Forces, etc!

Death Troopers - 1st unit

Death Troopers - 2nd unit

Imperial Special Forces - aka "Inferno Squad"

Gideon Hask and Del Meeko

Still on the painting table for Legion I have Boba Fett, an Imperial Officer and Communications Specialist, and a Dew Back (with Stormtrooper rider). I also have my AT-ST awaiting the airbrush for highlights after base coats and washes.

For my Seraphon I have a unit of 15 Saurus Guard primed and ready for paint also. Lots to keep me busy as we enter the "wave 2" of COVID here in Ottawa and new restrictions come in for gatherings. I will wait and see if we can get some more games (and live streams!) going but for now the painting continues!

Until the next update - Ca$h out!

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