19 October, 2020

More Star Wars Legion

 I managed to finish up some more Star War Legion this past week or so. This is just a quick update with some pictures:

Emperor Palpatine

Imperial Guard

Palpatine and his entourage

Click on after the break for my Dewback rider, Bossk and Boba Fett miniatures!


Close up of the critter


I really like how Bossk is in a flight suit

The man himself - Boba Fett

I think he needs some metal flecks to show wear on his armor - another pass is required!

Once I finish the last 3 miniatures I have left (At-ST, Imperial Officer and Imperial Communications Specialist) I am not sure exactly what I will work on next. I have the 15 Saurus Temple Guard to do, but I have a hankering for 40k so I may pick up a Start Collecting and just take the plunge into 9th Edition?! Time will tell.

Ca$h out!

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