09 November, 2020

The last of the Imperials....for now!

 Hello again,

I have spent the last week assembling and painting up the last couple units for my Imperial forces in Star Wars Legion.

I was able to finally pick up two boxes of Shoretroopers after they had been unavailable due to stocking issues at Fantasy Flight for months. Here are a couple pictures:

Click on after the break for pictures of the other unit and how they faired in their first battle last Friday!

The second unit of Shoretroopers:

The only main difference in the units are their shoulder markings on their left sides. It looked great on the table! Speaking of which, I played against Jake's new Imperial forces in a red vs red battle this past Friday which you can check out here:

It is a loooong video but we played a full 800pt game with both of us using many models and units we are unfamiliar with and just casually taking our time. It was a load of fun and had a lot of banter and tactical discussions along the way. If you check out our newly started YouTube channel (link is in the menu along the top of this site!) you will see we have several more (and much shorter) battle reports of us learning Star Wars Legion. I have plans to also start streaming Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k. 

I hope you enjoy.


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