12 November, 2020

Necrons rise from the ashes of a lost time..

 With the release of Warhammer 40k 9th edition I purchased the Indomitus box on a whim. Yes, it was a $200CAD whim but the amount of new models inside was simply too good to pass on despite the fact I haven't played 40k in years. 

What is inside?

GW Site showing all the contents

As you can see, that is a ton of models for $200! I didn't really have any plans for the Space Marines but the Necrons really caught my eye. More so, they caught my 8yr old sons eye. He was VERY excited to see them assembled and ready to play with so I obliged him. Truthfully is doesn't take much to encourage me in the hobby space these days haha!

So we started with Necrons! I build and painted a quick table-ready scheme based on his input. He chose all the colors and basing. He has been painting Stormcast for Age of Sigmar but wanted me to do it so "they look great on the table against your army dad" - so I got started. 

He wanted them to look "new" like they are just being built and deployed for battle. He know the lore to the extent that they are like zombies/undead and rise up on planets but wanted his to be like they were found in a warehouse or factory. I think it was a neat idea and helped with his color choices - blue, silver, and purple. I also wanted something I could get finished quickly but still look decent on the table. This whole force took me a week - from sprue to varnish! With his input as to what colors he wanted (and where!) we ended up with this:

Click on after the break for more pictures of all the Necrons!

All the Necrons completed:

Necron warriors Unit A

Scarab Swarms (we have 6 total)

Skorpekh Destroyers

Skorpekh Lord

Overlord (left) and Plasmancer with Cryptothralls

Canoptek Reanimator - stands 5" tall!

Necron Warriors Unit B

Royal Warden

Did I mention the Indomitus box came with a limited edition hard back copy of the 40k 9th edition rulebook? The art and models shown in there are simply stunning and with the whole Necrons force complete (for now) my gaze has moved to the Space Marine half of the box. Seeing that the Necron force is roughly 1000pts, I wanted to build and paint a current force of models to the 1000pt mark to get us playing. So may as well use the models I already own! Just a matter of picking a color scheme and "chapter" of marines to do.... but that is for my next post.

Until then,


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