26 March, 2020

Pandemic update #1 - Roar!

Pandemic. Never thought I'd lead with that but we are all experiencing crazy times. I want to wish anyone reading this the best health, and I hope you and your family/loved ones are safe and in good health. The one upside of this "social distancing" and "stay home/stay safe" shutdown means I am working from home, and it affording me more time to focus on hobby time. This is significant for me as I have always turned to hobbies to reduce stress, clear my head and lower overall anxiety. There's always a silver lining....sometimes you just have to look harder for it.

With all that said, here is were I am with the Seraphon army:

Completed and Painted:

15 Saurus Knights with Lances
20 Saurus Warriors (23 total with 2nd full command) with clubs and shields
20 Skinks with Boltspitters and shields
1 Skink Priest
1 Skink Starpriest
1 Scar-Veteran on Cold One
1 Oldblood on Carnosaur

Did you notice the last entry?

Here he is underway - first model to get the airbrush treatment:

 I didn't base him initially so I could easily get to his underside and legs.
Sponge is for cleaning the airbrush tip/nozzle while spraying to prevent buildup - game changer for preventing spatter!

 Part way through basing - Using Vallejo Thick Mud Acrylic "European Mud"

It goes on the base straight out of the pot and dries the color you see. I am in love with these basing paints/compounds. I then add dried lichen that I picked up at the Dollar Store for $3:

 Aquarium plants added

 And now with the Oldblood on top!

 Beauty pose

But that's not all! I managed to pick up the new Start Collecting Skinks box and the Realmshaper Engine terrain piece just before the shutdown was announced and I have managed to build the Terradons and the Bastilidon with the Solar Engine. I plan to paint those next while I ponder my original idea of using the second carnosaur kit to make a Skink Oracle on Troglodon. The Oracle was changed quite a bit in the battletome and is now the same points as a Slann! I am debating just making a Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur as I am focusing on the Coalesced Seraphon for my initial 2000pts so I'm not sure there is room for an Oracle when I could take a Slann and TWO carnosaurs. The debate rages in my head - a welcome distraction from everything else going on...

Anyways, the next update will hopefully include pictures and updates around the Terradon unit and Bastilidon. Having moved to the airbrush for the larger models, I will be trying it out on them so we'll just have to see how things turn out.

Until then, stay safe and healthy out there!



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