04 March, 2014

"I will read 500 posts, and I will read 500 more.."

500 posts man.  Wow.   What have I been up to?   I did a painting blitz (pun intended) on my DAK, now that we have a MW tournament coming up in Petawawa in April.  5 weeks away <gulp>

Here is some pics of what I am working on:

Since it is now March, lets see how my New Years Resolution is coming along, which is to do hobby related activity for 30 minutes a day, EVERY DAY, here is the Calendar of Doom:

I allow myself catch-up time, so lets say I fall behind, I can do a 90 minute session and catch up.  I finished assembling my DAK, came up with a list that I like at 1485/1500 points, and started painting.


Here is the actual list, for those who want some free intel for Petawawa and Historicon, as the only difference is the number of transports for that swing 15 pts!

The FK-36(r)s are captured soviet guns, the same that are mounted in the Diana, used as stop-gap measure until more AT guns that weren't PaK-36s showed up in North Africa.  Here is a pic of a real one at CFB Borden:

No models for this by Battlefront, so I went ahead and picked up 4 Zis-3 guns.   Very close enough, as the Zis-3 was the next-gen of my guns.

So thats the update.  See you guys next time!

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