27 March, 2019

Dollar Store Terrain - It Doesn't have to Suck!

Good day everyone, I know it's been a long time since I've put anything up on the Dice Devils blog, but I have been chugging away at my own hobby projects none the less!

Over the past year or so I decided I needed terrain to play games of 40k or whatever at my place. I also decided to paint an ork army...that was a lesson in patience!

So with terrain on my mind, I aimed to do it as cheaply as possible, but I didn't want it to look like cheap terrain. I headed to Dollarama and Dollar Tree to see what I could scrounge and then dress up with a few random bitz from my altogether too large bitz box, haha.

I started really simple, just using some cork sheets and a few bits and tried to make some pretty simple scatter terrain.

Nothing crazy, but with some paint (again from Dollarama) I gave them a bit of life...and then they started multiplying!

 Emboldened by how they turned out, I decided to make some more linear scatter terrain, just to mix it up.

So...I had a tonne of scatter terrain now but nothing else...

I had started a big project a year or more ago and wondered if I should continue work on Fort Tykes...

Sadly this thing is so big it was a bit too daunting...But I promise I'll finish it up soon-ish, lol.

Humbled by its size, I decided to churn out some objective markers, made from a fuel tank from a Dollar store die cast tank package (I bought 6 of them overall :P )

Ok, going strong again! Now...more linear terrain!  This time I chose to use the fences and dirt mounds that come from bags of little green army men.

Next up I needed to start making some actual buildings...but had no clue where to start.  I did know I wanted to start small for now and work up to larger pieces.

Off to Dollar Tree I went and found a lovely little set of napkin holders...or at least that's what I'm saying they are!

Any idea what these will be?

To me they screamed bunkers! So that's exactly what I did.

Ok so we are almost caught up on my hobby terrain making. My Dollar Store Series terrain was taking shape nicely (in my opinion) but I still needed buildings...

Off to Dollarama!

I found some pretty sweet...boxes? Baskets? Wood things? Regardless, as soon as I saw them I had a plan.

A base later...plus a few parts from old 40k buildings later...

Writing this I have primed the above piece and started to add a little paint!  The following brings us finally up to date, but I'll be posting more regularly as the terrain collection mounts!

Any questions, please ask away. I'm doing this post to hopefully inspire some people to make their own terrain, as it can turn out quite nice with a little effort and not a lot of money.



  1. That is awesome! Great work!

  2. Really well done. I would never of thought of using a napkin holder.

  3. Fantastic stuff. I've got to head off to the dollar store now!

  4. Do note that a lot of credit card companies add in convert $99.99 transaction fees for purchases done in foreign currencies.

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