11 May, 2018

Star Wars Legion comes to DD!

This past week, Coyote brought over his Star Wars Legion Core set to run me through a demo. Lothlann was there to spectate also. I requested it, as I had started to notice a lot over very flattering things being said about the game and specifically its mechanics on the interwebs. Turn outs, the inevitable occurred. I loved it (despite getting wiped out lol!)

This is the Star Wars wargame I have always wanted. That's probably the best one line review I can give it. Click on to see some pictures of our game (and Coyotes amazing painting) and my thoughts!

First off- the figures! Take a look - I don't think you need my words to embellish anything here!

He is making great progress, and they truly look awesome on the table. The combination of blind, alternating unit activation ( like Bolt Action) combined with order cards that let you assign orders to specific units during a turn (basically allowing you to use a specific unit when you want and not rely on blind chance) is genius, and give the game a real dynamic feel. Alternating unit activation also allows for the game to never slow, or feel like you are just spectating while your opponent spends 10-20 minutes doing their thing - its grand!

After playing one game - Lothlann and I were sold - hard. We are splitting on a couple core sets, along with all available expansions and plan to have a "hobby night" this week to get started.

More pictures:

Suffice to say, I expect this is the fire I need to get more dice rolling this year, so stay tuned for more articles from me on this awesome new game! Battle reports, hobby articles, etc will follow!



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