29 April, 2018

15mm Buildings

After many years of playing Flames of War a few months ago I decided that I needed some 15mm scale buildings. I have played on great tables both at tournaments, FLGs, and friends places but i decided i would like to have a few for when I host games at my place.

I looked at buying some buildings and found the price a bit steep, and I also looked at building some houses out of foam core. After a few attempts I just couldn’t make the foam core work so I decided to look at other options. I have seen a few really nice pieces of laser-cut terrain and have a bit of design experience so I though designing some laser-cut buildings would be the way to go.

I looked at a few online designs for inspiration, and then dove right in. There are a lot of great resources online like this one from FunElements.com:

After seeing a few designs I had all I needed to get started on designing a few buildings. I decided I should design my own buildings. I wanted the buildings to be stackable and to fit Flames of War bases.

My first buildings were:

-          A narrow house;

-          A wide house; and,

-          A rectangular house.

After that I looked at:

-          A church;

-          A garage;

-          An office building; and,

-          A large office building.

I also designed a few extra pieces:

-          A small bridge;

-          A large bridge;

-          A culvert; and,

-          Curved road segments.

As you can see, it proved to be a bit addictive...

While I was designing, I also get certified to use the laser-cutter at my local library and started burning. I took some photos of me assembling one of my buildings below. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
The design is burned on an 12x24 inch sheet, using .pdf file. I create the file using a free program called Inkscape. Then you send the file to the laser-cuter just like if it were a printer.
Here is the product right out of the cutter:

All you do is punch the pieces out and glue them together; I like to use white glue because it dries clear:

Below if a video of all my buildings, still have a few more of the square office buildings to assemble. Next step is to paint them..

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