10 September, 2015

Tanks-Giving Tournament

With the dust settling from Canadian Nationals here in Ottawa, there will be another event right around the corner as the summer season comes to an end. Dust off your armor and shelf your infantry.

On Saturday 10 October 2015, there will be a tournament held at Perkins Hobbies in Petawawa. The event will be 1750 points and a LW event, more info to follow and check out the poster on our events page! Please register through Gary at the store if you are in the Petawawa area or email me directly.


In November, Petawawa Miniature Soldiers will be hosting their annual LW event as well, you can find all the info for that November event right here. Thanks to Bob McBride and Gary Perkins for all their help.
That event will use the Battlefront Limit of 1900 points and is always a good time whenever we get up there to play from Ottawa.

Won't be needing these guys for this event....

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